Our lampshade frames are made to the lighting industry standard and currently used to make our standard drum, French drum tapered shades, oval, square & rectangle lampshades

Our Lampshade frames fit both standard UK and European Lamp holders, floor lamps or Pendant Fittings

The frame is manufactured to fit European lamp holders, and a Converter/Reducer Adaptor plug is supplied fitted (removable) to reduce the aperture so it can fit UK lamp holders 

The lamp holder sizes are - European fitting (40mm) and British adaptor (28mm) 

Lamp holder Types
B22 Bayonet Cap  Lamp holders (UK) -  Adaptor Fitted
E14 Edison Screw Lamp holders  (EU)    Adaptor Fitted
E27 Edison Screw Lamp holders  (EU)    Adaptor Removed
E26 Edison Screw Lamp holders  (US)    Adaptor Removed

The lamp holder component in the centre of the lampshade sits 4cm up from the bottom of a lampshade for a lamp, or 4cm down from the top of a ceiling pendant lampshade. If you have an arc floor lamp you will need to order your lampshade for a ceiling pendant so the fittings are at the top




Currently our frames will not will not fit on a lamp which requires a lampshade carrier, we are currently working to offer this very soon

Convert standard frame lamp holder fitting into Harp & finial lamp fitting  

If you wanted to use our standard frame with a Harp & Finial fitting, you can use our converting washers with our adaptor ( purchased separately) to reduce the hole size/aperture further

Using our converting washer with our standard frames

Converting instructions - Harp & Finial Systems.

  1. Squeeze the Adapter and install into the centre of the lampshade frame to reduce the aperture.
  2. Insert a Converting Washer onto the stem of the Harp System.
  3. Place your Lampshade onto the thread of the Harp System, ensuring the washer fits into the ridge of the Adapter.
  4. Place the other Converting Washer on top of the Adapter, fit into the ridge, and then screw on your Finial.
  5. Your lampshade can now be used with Harp Systems
  6. These washers will only work with our frames/fittings

Converting Washers - 34mm Diameter with 10mm Inner hole - Nylon

There are two standard sizes for Harp systems, 1/4" and 3/8" our converting washers will fit them both. Below is a conversion chart with imperial and metric measurements

Inches    Metric
1/4"     6.35 mm
5/16"   7.95 mm
3/8"     9.53 mm

Our system works with these sizes, but If the Harp stem is bigger, you can make the hole in the washer bigger to fit

Harp and finial converting washer diagram


Alternatively we can order a harp & finial frame for you on request, hole size is 10mm Diameter. Available sizes 20cm Dia, 30cm Dia, 40cm Dia & 45cm Dia